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Meeting with the winner of the award ‘Light of justice’ Natalia Sedletska

We invite everyone willing to come to the meeting with the winner of the award ‘Light of Justice’...

Zero Waste Academy within the framework of Zero Waste Fest

Have you heard yet about the  Zero Waste Fest to the Earth Hour? This is a festival for...

Lecture from Yaroslav Yurchyshyn "Help or push, or How to achieve the most in the relationship with the government?”

  The Institute of Leadership and Management of Ukrainian Catholic University jointly with the Laboratory of legislative initiatives invite...

Presentation of results of the research ‘Values of the new Ukrainian school’

We invite members of the education industry and all those willing to come to the presentation of results...

Modernization of Ukraine in the global context

  We invite everyone willing to start Friday morning on February 16 with the lecture from Valeriy Pekar "Modernization...

Course ‘Personal effectiveness for public leaders’

We invite leaders of the public sector to the personal effectiveness course from Lyubomyr Khaburskyi, the expert in...

Education program ‘Workshop Active’

We are happy to invite young people who are active in the social area in Donetsk region for several days’...

How to make decisions in permanent uncertainty

We invite the agents of changes to a two-day educational program with Human System Dynamics about decision making...

  • We have to dream

    We have to dream, and then focus our energy on specific areas and actions. We need to take risk and make mistakes, but to learn from them and then start a new cycle of dreams. ділянках
    Bohdan Hawrylyshyn “Remaining Ukrainian”
  • Continuous learning

    Only those with a deeply ingrained capacity for continuous learning and self-reflection stand a chance of surfing the waves of change successfully.
    Chris Lowney “Heroic Leadership”
  • Efficient Leader

    A leader can take lots of decisions himself/herself. However, his or her task is to push the employees to take their own decisions and inspire them to take responsibility for these decisions
    Fr. B. Prah Rector of Ukrainian Catholic University
  • What does it mean - to take responsibility?

    It means to learn how to transform life. Nobody can change life in the entire Ukraine, but what we can is to change life around us, to make it better, to clear it.
    Myroslav Marynovych Vice-Rector for University Mission


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