Managing complexity


The Institute of Leadership and Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University invites to join the program for managers called "Managing complexity". The author of the program – Bhavesh Patel.


Who is it for?

For the managers of large public organizations, social entrepreneurs, policymakers, negotiators, security and risk specialists, innovators. As well as for people working in ever-changing and unpredictable conditions.


Who is Bhavesh Patel?

- Expert on Open Space, Cynefin Framework, Human System Dynamics techniques

- Expert on strategizing network organizations; he accompanied a two-year strategic session of Wikimedia Foundation

- Among Bhavesh Patel's clients, there are Shell, Motorola, Deutsche Bank, Singapore Mint, Prudential, World Wildlife Fund, World Health Organization, Peace Corps, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, UNICEF and others.

- He worked in Cambodia, South Africa, Australia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, France, Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, Holland, India, Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Great Britain, Southern Sudan, Malaysia, Singapore.


Dates:  11-12 October, 2018

Time: 10:00 - 18:00

Location: UCU Kyiv Centre



Kozelnytska str., 2a, apt. 310
Lviv 79026, Ukraine
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+38 (032) 240-99-45 (#3627)
+38 (093) 20-60-310

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