Establishment of a scholarship in memory of Elaine M. Woloshyn (1952-2017)

The Institute of Leadership and Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University is pleased to announce the establishment of a scholarship in memory of Elaine M. Woloshyn (1952-2017)

Elaine was an executive director of the International Institute of Akron, Ohio and a longtime leader in the local nonprofit arena.  She was always impressed with UCU's Institute for Leadership and Management, and especially its Master program in Nonprofit Management.

In her memory, her relatives Taras & Katherine ("Midge") Szmagala Sr, have generously created the Elaine M. Woloshyn Scholarship for the benefit of the ILM. Given Elaine's passion for nonprofit management and her  Ukrainian heritage, they think this gift is an appropriate way to recognize her contributions.

Elaine spoke often of her grandparents’ immigration from Ukraine, which made her a committed advocate for Akron’s immigrant and refugee communities.  She was in charge of the 100-year-old agency in resettling thousands of people from Bhutan, Afghanistan, the Congo and other trouble spots in the world. 

A decade before taking the lead at the International Institute of Akron, Elaine founded the Center for Nonprofit Excellence to help other organizations raise money, write proposals, develop budgets and work with volunteers. She previously ran Info Line Inc., which connects people in need with community health and social services, ran her own private consultancy for nonprofits and was a fellow at the Center for Nonprofit Policy and Practice at Cleveland State University.  Following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents, she was also active in the local Ukrainian-American community, providing support and guidance to the Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland and other Ukrainian organizations.

The Institute of Leadership and Management is grateful to the Szmagala family for their generosity and is confident that Elaine Woloshyn’s example of devoted community service and effective nonprofit management will be an inspiration for young Ukrainian leaders for many years.


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