Institute of Leadership and Management UCU is embarking to the East of Ukraine with CitizenLab Project

“CitizenLab Project: Laboratory of Responsible Citizenship” is going to be launched soon in the East of Ukraine by the Institute of Leadership and Management UCU. The experts invited will render the activists from 4 towns of Donets'k oblast' the necessary skills and knowledge for more efficient impact on their region. ILM will cooperate with such local social activity hubs and NGOs as "Druzi" (Friends) (Kostiantynivka), "Vil'na Khata" (Free House) (Kramators'k), "Khalva" (Druzhkivka), "Lampova" (Pokrovs'k), "MOVE" and "NovoSkhid" (Novohrodivka). Those will become the launching pads for the initiative.

The idea of the Project derived from understanding, that the situation in the East can be resolved mainly through citizens, who'd take the responsibility for the impact on that process and recognize the importance of their activity.  They may be encouraged by knowing their rights and duties, as well as understanding the range of tools for civil interaction, monitoring and impact on the local authorities.

"The Project's framework includes a several-days training  "Manufacture of Active Ones", organized in each town, during which the participants will study basics of democracy, learn, what does it mean to be the active citizens, and which role he/she plays in society. After that the teams will implement their own social mini-projects. The experts will elect 30 activists for visit to L'viv, based on the results of their activity and projects implemented. During the studying trip the participants will get acquainted with the best initiatives of the city. June, Kramatorsk will hold final conference, designed to foster the creation of the network for interaction and support of active citizens of the Eastern region", – said Solomia Maksymovych, the coordinator of Civil Education Branch, ILM UCE, the Assistant of the Project.

The Project is founded on the paramount principles, influencing the formation of civil society: democratic values, human rights, social institutes, civil initiatives and civil responsibility.

According to Solomia Maksymovych, the most important achievement of the Project will be the recognition by the participants, that each of us is an authority, and we are responsible for what is happening around.

Enrollment for educational training "Manufacture of Active Ones" is starting soon. Everyone is invited for participation from the elected region. The details will be published, among others, on organization's Facebook page.

"СitizenLab Project: laboratory of responsible citizenship" by ILM UCU is implemented in the framework of "Program for Social Activity "Be Involved!", funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Pact in Ukraine. The Project's scope is a sole responsibility of the Pact and its partners, and does not reflect the views of USAID or US Government.


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