Non-profit Management Program

The Master Level Professional Program for Nonprofit Management (NPM) is designed for people who have experience working in the civil sector and would like to extend their knowledge and improve their skills in non-profit management. After completion of the program, students will receive a diploma from the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The purpose of this program is to train leaders and qualified managers for the Ukrainian non-profit sector, following international standards of management and ethics.



Who can benefit from this Program:

Non-profit leaders, executives, departmental managers, and any decision makers in an non-profit organization who are ready to make changes to both their organization and to society.


Why choose the NPM Program:

  • Your colleagues are leaders in the Ukrainian civic sector, and studying among them will create new partnerships and expand your professional network.
  • The program lecturers represent the three best business schools in Ukraine and are practicing experts in the non-profit sector.
  • You will experience a climate of authenticity, community, and free academic discourse.
  • You will develop your own business plan, supported by our consultants, that will contribute to your organization’s financial stability.
  • You will have a chance to explore consultations in an institutional capacity.




Components of the educational program:

  • 16 courses of basic management studies
  • Community exploration (32 hours studying the managerial experience of successful non-profit organizations)
  • The development and defense of a personalized business plan
  • Open lectures from visiting international experts
  • A closing session that includes the defense of your business plan

Program layout: module education: 8 modules, 6 days each. The total duration of the educational program is 18 months.






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