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Oleksandra Baklanova


Oleksandra Baklanova is a business partner in two companies: pro.mova and Capital Strategy. She is an expert in the fields of strategic development for business, management, and change management. Her civic activity began with the foundation of an AISEC branch in Luhansk. She then began work on the implementation of strategic changes in the organization on the national level. As a vice-president of AISEC in Ukraine, she was responsible for the development of their international projects and programs.

Ms. Baklanova has also developed educational programs in sustainable development for Sony’s European headquarters in Germany, and helped to found the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School in 1999. She is an active member of Univ Group.



 Victoria Bryndza


Victoria Bryndza received a degree in Social and Political Sciences at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in Germany. She was a manager and developer of the analytical group pro.mova, and is a member of Univ and Nestor Groups. She is an expert in social research, namely in studies of values and perception, and an innovator in the research of information space. Ms. Bryndza is also a volunteer, a civic activist in Ukraine and abroad, and a founder of an NGO in Ukraine.





Oleksandr Vinnikov 


Oleksandr Vinnikov is the Chairman of the Management Board of the European Law Development Network (an organization that contributes to the adjustment of Ukrainian legislation to fit EU legislation standards.)

He is a lawyer with extensive experience in international law, tax law, and financial management, as well as a taxation consultant and lecturer. He is also a member of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union. Mr. Vinnikov co-authored a course about law and taxes for the САР/СІРА (the international certification program for professional accountants) in Ukraine.




 Yevhen Hlibovytskyy


Yevhen Hlibovytskyy is a Managing Partner in pro.mova, specializing in the areas of strategic communication and changes in communication.

He is an advisor for the OSCE, specializing in Ukraine, Moldova, and the countries of Caucasus and Central Asia. He has also worked as a consultant on public relations and information policies for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidential Secretariat, and local administration.

Mr. Hlibovytskyy has worked in many leading Ukrainian media companies, including: “5th Channel”, “Studio 1+1”, “Pershyi Natsionalnyi”, “Kievskie Vedomosti” “PostPostup”, and Radio “Promin.” He also worked as a journalist for “Dzerkalo Tyzhnia”, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, and was a local co-producer for CBS, PBS, and BBC. Mr. Hlibovytskyy was also the co-founder of Kyiv independent media professional union, and served as its director in 2005.  


 Ruslan Kraplych


Ruslan Kraplych is an expert advisor on programs of international technical assistance, as well as the editor of the magazine "Visnyk Blahodiynytstva."

He has served as the director of the Volyn Resource Center at the Princes-Benefactors Ostrozky Foundation. He is a widely known facilitator for both civic and charitable organizations, and the author of books, articles, training programs, and educational courses. He was an expert advisor for the Program of UNO for Development and Integration of Crimea, the UNO Development Program, the Counterpart Partnership, the For Transparent Society program, and served as the director of the Anti-Crisis Humanitarian Program for the International Renaissance Foundation in 2009-2011. He has unique practical experience in raising resources from a community and the cooperation between business and charities.



 Vitaliy Lesiuk


Vitaliy Lesiuk has been the Financial Director for Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine since 2009.

From 1998-2008, he was the vice director for the regional department of the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation. He has been the Director of the Western Ukrainian Regional Educational Center since its foundation, and has organized trainings for Ukrainian and European companies (such as UFSI, OSCE, DESPRO, ЦСП, Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics). Professionally, he focuses on financial management for non-profit organizations, the preparation of reports and analytical documents, project planning, and the planning of educational programs, seminars, trainings, and master classes.



 Khrytyna Pavlyk


Dr. Khrytyna Pavlyk is an Associate Professor of Analytical Economics and International Economics at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. She lectures about topics such as the international economy, international strategies of economic development, and international marketing. Dr. Pavlyk is the author of numerous publications in macroeconomic policy, entrepreneurship, and marketing. She has taken part in conferences and projects located at universities in Ukraine, the USA, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, and Mexico. At present, she is studying the theory aspects of social economics, social marketing, and comparative research of social entrepreneurship all over the world.





Olha Sadokha

Olha Sadokha is the Director of the Lvivkholod Trading Production Company’s Study Center.

She has more than 9 years’ experience in human resource management, and has worked for companies such as VAM, Lvivkholod, Halychfarm Ukraine, and Halnaftogaz. She served as the Director for Oleska Mineral Water. Ms. Sadokha is also a lecturer for both the Lviv Business School and other local programs, teaching HR management, personal growth, sales skills, and customer service in retail networks.  





Oleksandr Solontay


Oleksandr Solontay is a lecturer and manager of the Practical Politics Program for the Institute of Political Education

He has nine years of experience as a delegate in local councils in the Uzhgorod and Zakarpatia regions, has participated in several international projects, and has interned and studied abroad, including in international organizations. At the local level, he was a co-coordinator of the Zakarpatia Social Centre, a chairman of the Foundation of Regional Initiatives in Uzhgorod, and became the first chairman of the National Foundation of Regional Initiatives.  He was one of the initiators and project managers for the public campaign Youth Guard: Youth Watches You!, which made a considerable contribution to youth policy. In 2013, he was one of the co-founders of an NGO, which in 2014 became the Strength of People political party.



  Volodymyr Turchynovkyy


Volodymyr Turchynovkyy obtained a degree in Mathematics from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the International Philosophy Academy in Lichtenstein. Currently, he is the Vice-Rector for Strategic Planning at the UCU, the Head of the Philosophy Department, a member of the Supervisory Board for the Lviv Business School, and a member of the Advisory Board for the Institute of Leadership and Management at the UCU.








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