How to achieve success in life? What should be the values when leading people? Finally, how to live a happy and meaningful life without sacrificing either family or career in favor of one another?

Every human being looks for answers to these questions. Andreas Widmer, the author of the book The Pope and the CEO proposes his own answers, proved by his long way in international business, consulting and assisting activities in third world countries. He formulated these answers for himself back at young age during his service at Vatican Swiss Guard which happened at the time of pontificate of John Paul II. The life full of faith and prayer, the rank resulting from the faith of this most remarkable person of 20th century became a model and inspiration for the young guard.

The book The Pope and the CEO is a warm and sincere tale as well as a trustworthy and efficient master-class in the skill of management your own activities, people, your own life. Here step by step he opens the way to success, and to holiness at the same time: starting from learning yourself and people you work with, to defining a goal you are going to reach, to the choice of moral values as the most important criterion indecision making.


People with leadership qualities are the ones who achieve success in modern world, there’s no doubt 
about it. How to combine fighting for success in life with Christian world view? The answer is in this book.

The author, our contemporary, gives specific advice, in handy format, introduces interesting examples from the lives of famous and ordinary people – all this looks credible and inspires to follow. There is a good reason why his books are popular all over the world; many Christian businessmen, successful leaders have been raised on them.




This course has been developed for formation of young leaders in Christian environment. Various exercises and practices for common search for solutions, active cooperation for completion of tasks open new opportunities for communication and create an atmosphere of trust.

The course is unique by its methodology, recommendations for training of facilitators, possibility to shape it for various groups and various durations.

Adapted to Ukrainian context and widely applied for training of leaders for the last 6 years.



In this publication the author discovers the sense of Greek Catholic world view in the context of social and philosophic problems, reflects on labour in society and presents interesting views on ethic and economic sides of wealth.

Exploring the interrelation of economic process with spiritual factors of human activities the author demonstrates how the Greek Catholic Christian tradition influences the formation of economic consciousness.

The publication will be interesting for scientists, researchers, everybody who is interested in economics and social processes.


This guide provides short stories of successful examples of fundraising. There are different stories of the amount of funds raised and types of activities of organization. Everyone can find an interesting clue, inspiration and new ideas for future fundraising projects.



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